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I can count on both my hand's ok trainers I have encountered in my life, but I can only count on my right-hand great trainers. We don't do ok at Dyslexic Success, ok is mediocre, in order to lead great people to their greatness we need great teachers. Question is are you one of the great trainers?

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Lead the change and be the change isn't just a fluffy term for you to dismiss, it starts with you leading people to their full potential and it ends with a ripple effect of positive change for not only the person you are training but also the people around them.

This isn't for you if you believe in doing the minimum will ever get you the maximum. This training position is for you if you believe that greatness breed greatness, apply if this sounds like you.
Once you registered we will schedule a video interview to discuss your goals, set expectations and answer any questions

As an approved trainer you will have the ability to create courses on the platform and reap the return of our thousands of visitors that view this website weekly. In addition, we will train you to become a certified trainer so you have all the tools to do the job.

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