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Not much to say, saw a need, filled a need!

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“I don't believe in waiting for people in the world to be aware of dyslexia, dyspraxia, autism/ neurodiverse people I believe in people who are neurodivergent accepting they are neurodivergent and the world getting on board to support them anyway they can ”

Ruth-Ellen Danquah, Founder

Who We Are

We aim to equip individuals who are neurodivergent so that they can reach their full potential. There is nothing worse than leaving this earth without being able to say I came, I saw and I conquered.

Labels are for jars and not people, we aim to help people with neurodiverse needs that want to be the successes they were born to be

What We Do

We run workshops, online courses, deliver conferences all aimed with one thing in mind. To help people with neurodiverse needs to see their version of success come to fruition.

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Ruth-Ellen Danquah

Founder of Dyslexic Success, WordPress Developer, Trainer, Coach,